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Woman having IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy

May include a mixture of IEMT, Hypnotherapy and Psyhcotherapy to
achieve effective change as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Integral Eye Movement Training & The Lisa Lord Method

I have the last 3 years I have worked full time and very successfully with over 1500 clients using this technique.

I am an Advanced Practitioner and IEMT Trainer and offering worldwide face to face 1-2-1s and training.
This training and certification is open to all aged 18 plus whether you have a therapy background or not. It is a fantastic quick change therapy for many areas. workplace mental health first aiders, mental health professionals, and also those interested in this type of work, including self development from teachers, parents etc. I have also worked with visually and hearing impaired clients.
This learning is not just about getting another certification in a therapeutic modality this is about changing lives, and is taught with the Lisa lord Method of making therapy effective, efficient and affordable.


Integral Eye Movement Therapy

IEMT is a content-free therapy. This means that the client does not have to disclose any information relating to why they're seeking change therapy. Whilst it can make dealing with sensitive or painful experiences and events much easier, the amazing thing is that this doesn't impact the effectiveness of the session at all. 

Eye Movement is a rapid change therapy which explores the area of unwanted emotions and our way of being. It is a wonderful, quick and practical way to help you manage your emotions and progress fully in life, feeling in control and free. 

The beauty of IEMT is that it updates past experiences, allowing you to desensitise emotions and release any baggage associated with these events so that it can no longer affect your responses in the present or future. Throughout our lives, past experiences and events affect the way we behave and our emotional responses to different situations. These are known as emotional and identity imprints. 

IEMT allows you to be free from the past and move forward in a positive way, separating the emotion from the memory. 

"Are you tired of the stereotypical therapy session?"

"You talk, they take notes.  They look at the clock and say

'Okay, we'll continue this next time' . You leave feeling like you just ripped open

your soul for a stranger who may or may not have really listened. 

I've experienced this for myself - that's why I'm

a different kind of therapist". ~ Lisa Lord


Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven therapy. Here at Hello Mind I use practical, modern and well researched strategies to help people to achieved their desired changes in a relatively short period of time. Hypnotherapy aids a number of physical and mental health conditions.

Hypnosis is a time where your conscious mind may wander, leaving your subconscious mind open and receptive to positive suggestion - whether that be needing more confidence or increasing your sports performance, etc. The list is limitless. Whichever you choose, you will feel a deep sense of relaxation pervading your mind and body. This is time for you and a time and place where that negative chatter can sleep, and so far every single client wakes up reporting feeling much more relaxed, calmer overall, and happier.

"Forget the stereotypical stage hypnotist"

"I don't get you running around laying eggs, I am a vegan for starts -

but it just isnt like that. nor do I use a pendulum!"  

Joking aside, hypnotherapy when used right is simply one of the most beautiful experiences as my clients know, leaving you in a much calmer and more centred space, feeling balanced and relaxed. As of today, upon coming out of hypnosis, all my clients feedback that they cannot remember feeling so relaxed in a very long time, if at all.


People with hoarding disorder feel a strong need to save their possessions. Other symptoms include: Inability to get rid of possessions. Experiencing extreme stress when attempting to throw out items. Lisa and a specially hand picked team can help with hoarding from the mental health to the physical aspect not doing half a job with the aim to have you in your best headspace to be able to move forward with your life.

Access for All

I was asked by a blind gent if I could do IEMT with him as he had tried everything.
I said id give it a go, no guarentees. 100 % success rate.
I now have an interpreter so I can also work with hearing impaired hoomans and I am looking to work with who ever may benefit from this amazing therapy. So please know, you do not have to suffer. Just give me a call. With love, Lisa

Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point

Just some of the conditions that we can work with here at Hello Mind:

Abuse • Addiction • Anger/Temper • Anxiety • Assault (the effects of) • Bed Wetting (adult) • Childhood Trauma Concentration • Confidence • Depression • Fears • Habits • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Insomnia • Jealousy • Low Self-esteem • Low Sex Drive/Libido • ME/Chronic Fatigue • Motivation  Nervousness • Nightmares/Re-occuring Nightmares/Night Terrors • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) • Pain Relief • Paranoia • Panic Attacks • Phobias • Public Speaking/Public Appearances • Psoriosis • Relaxation • Self Hatred Self Image • Sexual Abuse • Shyness • Sports Performance • Stress • Weight Management • Worrying 

Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
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