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Woman having IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy

IEMT Training

For personal or professional use, in the workplace, and as workshops and presentations

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Integral Eye Movement Training & The Hello Mind Method

I am one of less than 40 IEMT Trainers worldwide, offering face-to-face training globally.

This training and certification is open to all aged 18 plus - whether or not you have a therapy background. It's a fantastic quick-change therapy for many situations - including workplace mental health first aiders, mental health professionals, and those interested in this type of work. That could also include self-development for teachers, parents and others.

I have also worked with visually and hearing-impaired clients. This learning is not just about getting another certification in a therapeutic modality - this is about changing lives. It is taught using the tried and tested Hello Mind Method - making therapy accessible, effective, efficient and affordable.​

My absolute passion is to ensure as much as possible that no one needs to suffer. This message is key and needs to be more widely understood - it's true that appropriate, quality therapy is accessible to everyone. I hear too many horror stories from people who have endured not-so-ethical and often re-traumatising therapy that has prevented them from seeking further alternative therapy.

More Information on the IEMT Practitioner Training 2-Day Course

The Lisa Lord 2-day IEMT Certified Practitioner Training is offered LIVE, in person, with Lisa Lord. Lisa is an accredited member of the Association for IEMT Practitioners.

Many people are now seeking to train in this "life-changing" therapeutic model, not just therapists and coaches. Right now, it's quickly being adopted by many professionals and is worldwide in India, Philippines, Israel, Netherlands, Canada, Ireland and Belgium. The board of nurses in the USA are now using this daily in the workplace too.

I have worked with over 1500 individuals during the last three-and-a-half years. At least 20 of them have since gone on to become an IEMT practitioner and 3 are on my next course. However, it is not obligatory to become a practitioner, by doing this course you have the option to qualify and register. It's a testament to the significant "life-changing effects" of this work that the parents, teachers, medical professionals, trainers, hypnotherapists and others that I have successfully helped have all gone on to add IEMT to their toolkit.

IEMT can be used elegantly and can blend with your existing skills.

IEMT can be really helpful for clients who appear to have complex issues or have had traumatic experiences. It's ideal for those who prefer to not talk about it or disclose details, embarrassing problems or challenging thoughts. The changes I have witnessed happen over a short space of time. These clients may have had years of therapy and talking with a therapist to no real resolution or change. Often they will still be suffering.


Over these training days, the issue of memories and feelings are explored. We look at 'How did the client learn to feel this way?'. We also consider IEMT Techniques for individuals who have experienced trauma in their past, followed by identity issues. We explore 'How did the client learn to be this way?'

I often share case studies with students throughout training. Along with this, you will have the opportunity to experience the change work therapy yourself. Throughout the interactive training, I do ask for volunteers for demonstrations. In one of my recent training sessions, a student had had four years of private mental health therapy with no significant change. In this demonstration, the therapy I used resulted in them being "blown away by the change" that happened in just a few short minutes.

It’s easy to learn how to use innovative IEMT techniques and guarantee new skills, and this is all achieved through fun and interactive training. It leaves you feeling confident and competent to use these life-changing modalities in a calm, caring and powerful way.

Please read the certification criteria at the link below. In addition, note that training with Lisa Lord at Hello Mind (and submitted case studies) must be completed to a satisfactory level before certification is approved. You can read more about certification criteria at the integral eye movement therapy website.


Therapy, Training, Talks & Presentations in the Workplace


This is fully tailored to the individual requirements of your workplace. Further information on request. Contact me here.


Ongoing Support

I also offer supervision on a monthly basis to employers, certified practitioners and non-certified practitioners. This provides and nurtures a community of like-minded people-centric individuals to get together online and discuss anything regarding the training and method. This also ensures that you yourself, as a human being with your own needs and wishes, will have a support network and continuity of care. I am CPD recognised and ongoing supervision is available on request.


So, what are you waiting for?


With love,


Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
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