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Woman having IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy

IEMT Training

for Personal or Professional use & in the Workplace, Workshops & Presentaions

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Integral Eye Movement Training & The Lisa Lord Method

I am one of less than 30 IEMT Trainers worldwide, offering face to face training globally.
This training and certification is open to all aged 18 plus whether you have a therapy background or not. It is a fantastic quick change therapy for many areas. workplace mental health first aiders, mental health professionals, and also those interested in this type of work, including self development from teachers, parents etc. I have also worked with visually and hearing impaired clients.
This learning is not just about getting another certification in a therapeutic modality this is about changing lives, and is taught with the Lisa lord Method of making therapy accessible, effective, efficient and affordable.

Training for individuals to use within a family and friends environment are welcome to do weekend ones training and use the modality.

Training to become and IEMT Certified Practitioner will be on selection basis. There are so many therapists out there that should not be practicing with human beings, on this basis I refuse to allow this happen within the Hello Mind brand.

Training for Schools, Businesses and other uses may choose either option to which they feel more beneficial for the capacity in which they choose to use this therapeutic tool.


Training & Certification Options 

My absolute passion is to ensure as much as possible that quality and appropriate therapy is delivered in all instances. I hear too many horror stories from people that have endured not so ethical and often re-traumatising therapy that has prevented people seeking further alternative therapy, also prescribing block bookings well ahead. If you know IEMT then you know that each time you see a client ‘if’ you need to see them again, there will often have been a significant shift, and until we let the work we have done do its magic and settle down then we cannot ethically prescribe another session.

Please read certification criteria below. In addition to the below criteria, note that training with Lisa Lord @ Hello Mind and submitted case studies must be completed to a satisfactory level before certification is approved.


Therapy, Talks & Presntations in the Workplace


Further information on request, Please submit your enquiry.

Ongoing Support

I also offer Supervision on a monthly basis to employers, certified practitioners and non certified practitioners providing a community of likeminded people cetnric individuals to get together online and discuss anything that you may have questions on, ensuring that you as a human has a support network and a continuity of care and support. 


More Information on the IEMT Practitioner Training 2 Day Course


Integral Eye Movement Therapy - 2 Day Certified Practitioner Training - offered LIVE in person


With Approved IEMT Trainer - Lisa Lord, Association for IEMT Practitioners


Many people are now seeking to train in this 'life changing' theraputuic model, not just therapists and coaches this is being scooped up and used now by many including 20+ of my previous clients have gone on to train in IEMT including parents, teachers, medical professionals, trainers, hypnotherapists etc, so many are adding IEMT to their toolkit.


I have worked successfully myself with over 1500 individuals these last 3 1/2 years, at least 10 of them that I know of have since gone on to become an IEMT practitioner however it is not obigatory to become a practitioner, by doing this course you have the option.


IEMT can be used elegantly, content free and blended with your existing skills.


IEMT can be really helpful with clients who appear complex or have had a traumatic experience who prefer not to talk about it or disclose the embarrassing problems or find them challenging to share, what changes I have witnessed happen in a short space of time when clients may have years of therapy to no real resolve or change and still be suffering.


Over the 2 days memories and feelings are explored we look at “How did the client learn to feel this way?’, we also consider IEMT Techniques for individuals who have experienced trauma in their past followed by identity, we explore “How did the client learn to be this way?”


IEMT is a developing area of rapid change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being. The process explores the question, “How did we learn to feel the way that we do?” and opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change in our emotional lives.


By teaching resources and skills inside the problem state, IEMT appears to bring the client more into the present moment and enables them to better stay out of past negative experiences.


Along the way, I will share with you case studies throughout the 2/4 days along with this, you will be experiencing the change work therapy yourself throughout the interactive training.


It’s easy to learn how to use innovative IEMT techniques and skills and it will be an interactive weekend, with the option for a follow up day/weekend to top up your skills and master your craft.


CPD recognised and ongoing Supervision available on request.


What you waiting for?



Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
Hello Mind IEMT Therapy Sunflower Bullet Point
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